Jiang Weifeng



Deputy Director of Fengya Fuguan Ocarina Orchestra.

Currently standing director of China Ocarina Art Committee, director of bamboo flute of Jiangsu Musicians Association, editor of the national social art level examination textbook "Ocarina Test Collection", Ocarina Examiner, author of " "Campus Ocarina" textbook three volumes, Ocarina teacher training instructor.


Graduated from the Musical Performance Bamboo Flute Performance of the Nanjing University of the Arts Music Academy, and released a number of ocarina albums, "Happy Love Times", "I am Jiang Weifeng", and "Ocarina Hand Letters" received unanimous praise in the industry. In recent years, the Suifengya Ocarina Orchestra has been invited to Japan, South Korea, Austria and other countries to participate in the International Ocarina Art Festival for exchanges and performances.