The fourth edition of the “International Ocarina Competition” will take place in the online mode and, for the winner of category A, with a stay in Bentivoglio for a series of concerts!!!

Ocarina Rave Competition is promoted by Associazione Culturale “Il Temporale” with the participation of

Regione Emilia-Romagna, Comune di Bentivoglio, Unione Reno Galliera, Città Metropolitana di Bologna with the aim to promote the diffusion of popular folk tradition of ocarina throughout the world.


In order to encourage participation of ocarina players from all over the world, also this fourth edition will take place in the online mode, through selections of the videos made by the candidates in remote mode.


An international Jury will examine and assess the material received to assign the awards.



REGULATION of 4thd  International Ocarina Competition




Soloists section A

1 Compulsory piece: Konzert for Ocarina by Daniel Hellbach. Concerto for ocarina, piano and string orchestra to be performed in ocarina and piano version.

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KONZERT FOR OCARINA - Pianoforte.pdf
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Soloists section B

2 free choice pieces: one chosen among the popular folk or pop repertoire and one from the classical repertoire.


Maximum total time for the execution: 6’




From duet on:  2 free choice pieces, one chosen among the popular folk or pop repertoire and one from the classical repertoire.


Maximum total time for the execution: 10’


Classes of Italian public schools (Elementari-Medie-Licei): Minimum 10 members

Free choice repertoire.


Maximum total time for the execution: 7






Soloists section A:

·         1st prize: 1,000 euros and 2 concerts to be given together with Orchestra Giovanile BenTiVoglio in a date to   be decided later on

·         2nd prize: an instrument ocarina SOL6/BG;


·         3rd prize: a triplet of ocarina: DO1/SC – SOL2/SG – DO3/AC


Soloists section B:

·         1st prize: 400 euros;

·         2nd prize: an ocarina DO5/BC


·         3rd prize: an ocarina SOL4/AG




·         1st prize: 1,000 euros

·         2nd prize: a quintet of ocarina


·         3rd prize:  an ocarina DO7/CBC


Italian public schools (Elementari-Medie-Licei)


·        1st prize: a voucher worth 300 euros to be spent for the purchase of musical instruments


Each competitor will receive a Participation Award.



The concert of the winners selected by the jury will take place during “Budrio Ocarina Festival” in 2024



How to apply, terms and deadline, materials

·         The competition is open to candidates of all nationalities and without any age limits

·         The competition is dedicated to monocamera (single) Ocarina only

·         Applications should be received not later than November 30th, 2023

·         Participation is subject to application through the completing of a form

( ) and the payment of individual registration fee as follows:

-          35,00 € per person in section “Soloists”,

-          15,00 € per person in section “Ensembles” (from duo to dectet);

-          10.00 € per person for Ocarina Orchestras from 11 elements on

-          Free of charge for Italian public schools (Elementari-Medie-Licei)




Registration fee is not refundable in any way and has to be paid via

bank-transfer on the following account:

Associazione Culturale “Il Temporale” APS, Emilbanca filiale di Bentivoglio - Iban:IT31N0707236622002000062546 - BIC: ICRAITRRTS0


Or by PayPal:

(please specify:  first name, last name and purpose: Ocarina Rave Competition application)




·         The following documents should be attached to the applications:

-          copy of Passport or Documents of Identity

-          program chosen

-          copy of proof of payment of the registration fee.    Applications received after the expiry date (Nov.30th) will not be considered as valid

-          Link to the video recorded for the selections of the contest


·         The video must obligatory contain:

-        The presentation in video made by the performer or by a member in case of an ensemble. He/She must present the performance in Italian or English language with basic information (first name and last name in case of a soloist; name in case of an ensemble, then nationality, category and pieces to be played);

-        The integral performance of all the required pieces in sequence without any crop or editing.  Static camera;

-         Shootings with STATIC camera must show all performers, half-length, with evidence of hands and face;

-        The use of musical backings is forbidden; the refore video filming should be with the accompaniment of live music or “a solo” without any accompaniment even if foreseen.


·      The application entitles Association “Il Temporale” with all rights for the diffusion and the broadcasting of the videos received


·         All pieces, both compulsory and free choice ones, in the event of winning MUST foresee the live performance of the accompaniment; during the concert the use of musical backing is forbidden.


·         It is possible to enrol in multiple categories, but it is not possible to participate more than once to the same category even with a different staff.



·         The names of the Winners will be announced during a Concert of “XXVII Festival di Musica da Camera” scheduled during the month of December 2023 on a date to be decided later on. The concert will be made public on the YouTube channel of “Associazione Il Temporale”   and the names of the winners will be released on the site

Jury and evaluation criteria


The Jury will consist of musicians of great international renown.

Every member of the Jury will make his/her judgement according to an evaluation grid that shall take into account the following criteria:

·         Intonation

·         Performance

·         Technique

·         Also the difficulty of the free-choice repertoire will be evaluated


At the end of the evaluations the ranking list will be published.


The decision of the Jury shall be final and final.

English regulation OCARINA RAVE 2023.pdf
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